RTLSDR SmartNet»

I recently purchased a few RTLSDR devices. The town where I live has uses a Motorola SmartNet II trunking system for it’s police, fire, and EMS radios. I’ve been able to receive the audio using a combination of SDR# and Unitrunker, but the specific version of SDR# needed is pretty old. The original author of the modified version of SDR# seems to have developed a plugin for SDR# that does the same thing, but he never released it. He did release the source to it, and I was able to compile it.

So, with my compiled version, you can copy the plugin to the latest development version of SDR#. This lets you use all the newer versions of SDR# with the Trunking features. You can download the binaries here. There is one issue here, the code expects that you have a C:\Temp directory, and will crash on launch if this directory doesn’t exist.

I should note this plugin doesn’t seem to have all the features of the original (at the very least it’s missing the ‘single’ log file), but it does do the minimum trunking features correctly.

Update: Hmm, seems I was violating the license for SDR# by redistributing it. I’ve changed the zip to only be the plugin itself, you’ll need to do this to get it working:
1) Download SDR# Dev and SDR# RTLSDR Plugin from here
2) Download the RTLDSR driver from here
3) Download the Trunker plugin from here
4) Copy all the files from #1 into a directory, copy the dlls from #2 rtl-sdr-release/x32/ to the same directory
5) Add the plugin by copying the files from #3 (overwrite the .Config file with my version)

This is a pretty annoying process, there’s not a whole lot I can do about that (SDR# is not actually open source software, so I can’t redistribute it). This is probably the only development work I’ll do for this. I’m not really going to spend a bunch of time developing for someone else’s software.