About Me»
Software Developer @ GameServers.com/Constant.com 2010-Current
  • Implemented automated installation, automated configuration management (Puppet), and automated monitoring (Icinga/Nagios) for all legacy webservers
  • Developed and maintained internal and external websites
  • Implemented IPv6 across all public webservers
  • Implemented redundant, highly-available load balancer for customer-facing websites
  • Developed automated OS provisioning system for rapid deployment and configuration of Windows and Linux systems
  • Developed automated network provisioning system for new orders
  • Developed automated provisoning and monitoring system for all managed PDUs within our datacenter
  • Developed IPMI proxy/management system
  • Integerated Gemini Cloudian S3 product into custom billing and management system
  • Integrated internal billing system with ARIN's REST interface
  • Planned deployment of worldwide OpenStack cluster
  • Developed IPv6 tracking and management systems
  • Developed automated server inventory system
  • Maintained network monitoring and bandwidth tracking software
  • Implemented Active Directory for globally distributed fleet of Windows 2003 and 2008R2 servers
  • Developed custom FTP server to fit authentication and security needs
  • Troubleshooted issues deploying game server software on a global scale
  • Implemented Games For Windows Live dedicated servers
  • Planned Microsoft XLSP deployment for AAA Title
  • Developed DDOS tracking system
  • Developed per-country traffic tracking based on NetFlow data
  • Conducted security audits on all supporting infrastructure
  • Developed custom software deployment system to decrease the amount of support tickets opened
  • Developed wrapper service to increase reliablity and manageability of game server software
Technical Support @ GameServers.com 2007-2010
  • Managed customer complaints and requests for their rented servers
  • Developed FAQ system to reduce number of similar customer questions and provide quicker support
  • Designed and implemented custom CDN product
Software Developer @ Antares Computing 2004-2006
  • Developed custom MSSQL backend software for various school districts and professional organizations
  • Developed custom data migration scripts from VAX/VMS and other legacy systems
Miscellaneous Projects