Reattaching IPMI Memory to a X8SIL-F»

So, in my last post I had sucessfully removed a flash memory chip from my X8SIL-F. The next step was to attach the ‘emulator’ to the motherboard, and attach the connector to another flash chip. This requires lots of t
iny little soldering, which is quite annoying to do. I was ultimately successful, though it took a good 6 hours to accomplish.

You’ll end up with something that looks like this

If you solder somewhat carefully and don’t cover up the pins on the top you can still fit a Pomona clip on top. This makes it easy to program.

If your controller doesn’t work, make sure you haven’t created any solder bridges. Also make sure that everything is properly attached.

After all this, I now have the ability to flash whatever firmware I want and not have to worry about bricking the controller. I can just remove the chip and reflash it if something doesn’t work. Ultimately, I’m hoping to find a hidden serial port (the bootloader and kernel are both configured to output things on a serial port, I just don’t know where it is) which would let me program things in circut.

Of course, getting the ‘SDK’ to compile properly, and emit a usable flash image is a whole other story… one I’m still working on